Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prep Update - Apr 16 '09

I got back to OG. I took the diagnostic test they have in the beginning of the book.
The summary of the test is
Problem solving - Above avg.
Data sufficiency - Excellent(I surprised myself here :))
Rc - Avg
CR - Above avg.
Sentence Corr. - Above avg.

So I decided to start with the verbal section prep. I did the 141 RC Qs of OG in 2 days. And seem to have been doing OK. On an avg. I got all but 1 right out of every passage.My goal is to see if I can get a cent next time. Meanwhile I'm yet to explore Dagny' GMAT prep guide and other sources like Kaplan.

The one thing I have noticed in tha past 2 days is that when you sit and work a set of problems under a category you start developing the tricks and strategies for them. That is when I sat and did 70+ RC Qs at a stretch the pattern of the Qs and the process of fidnding the As to those Qs was kinda set into my mind. So I've decided that the last week of GMAT prep should involve re-doing the Qs all again. This is in the anticipation that my mind will be tuned to work on problems.As for the practice tests, I wish to take them then 2 weeks before that last week.

Until next time!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's been happening

I have re-started the prep for GMAT after the break I took last month.
I am strong on booking the date by the end of this week.I hope getting a date in May
is not difficult.Meanwhile I've been reading my dearest GMAT forum totalgadha\GMAT quite regularly. The one thing abt this forum is whenever I read it my adrelenine rushes and encourages me more to go follow my dream.The guys over there TG and Dagny, who is also Mrs.TG are doing one hell of a job - not only at guiding ppl but also at hiding their identities :).
Also am thinking of going to and see if I can find some applicants for Class O' 2012.