Friday, February 5, 2010

Long due updates

I've been awfully quiet for the past couple O'weeks. A lot has happened in this time. Mostly personal stuff. I've moved across the country and have relocated to the west. Yes I'm enjoying warmer weather now after bearing 2 bitter winters of the Northeast.Not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine moving here. I've always lived on the East, mid-west portion of the country and was of the impression that West Coast was only for vacationing or gambling :D.

Now that I am here, I tried to see if any school here would interest me. Unfortunately the schools I liked didn't have any more rounds left and the ones that did have admission deadlines in April didn't interest me much. So there's not going to be any more changes to my school list. My status still remains the same, waitlisted at Ross and working on an admit there.

P.S.March 2010 - I did find a good MBA program that might interest me - ASU's W.P.Carey!!! So far I've spoken with an alumni who has similar background as me (some country, same career ideas) and similar MBA specialization interests as me and I've found the feedback good. This is infact the first alumni from a school who was very enthusiastic about telling me about his own MBA experiences and even initiated meeting in person to talk to me about it. Now that does say something about the school, doesn't it? Will write more in my future blog posts.