Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Been there done that!!

Am ecstatic! And since this is not college-admit-decision season ,you can comprehend what might be the reason for my ecstasy. Yup! I finished my GMAT today and fared well :).Conisdering my old score an increase of 80 points in the overall score is pretty much an achievement in itself. And of course breaking the 700 barrier always feels good too.

I was one of those bees who heard and read the Phoenix tales of GMAT re-takers,who came out with flying clours in their second or third attempt. And today am happy to be one of them.

Am satisfied with my section scores too;coz, I improved in both V and Q.
Am waiting for the AWA scores now. I did fair in that section and am curious if I can stand up to the score(5.0) I got last time.

But this is no time to get complacent....my top choice school has the first round deadline in the first week of October. So I've got to tighten my seat belt and speed up over the runway now.


  1. Heartiest congratulations...
    All the best for the applications...

  2. congratulations - it's good to have that off you back and being able to fully focus on the essays now.


  3. Thanks and yeah these essays need a lot of foucs for sure.Even more than focus they need self realisation and introspections. Once these 2 are done writing the essays isn't such a intimidating process anymore.

  4. congratss!!! thats awesome...80 points jump is phenomenal....if u dont mind can we know your score??? and your break up in q and v

    How did you prepapre for CR?? and as compared to actual exam what is the level of OG??