Monday, December 21, 2009

Should I see a doctor?

No! I don't have H1N1(knock on wood). But what's bothering my health,specifically my mental health, is the overwhelming wait!!I'm a nervous wreck...sob..sob..sob. Gosh, I'm annoying myself by obsessively checking my gmail account and hovering around the gmatclub forums looking out to see the latest news on various school fronts. I keep telling myself not to , not to. But alas, to plagiarize Edward Kullen the vampire, "Gmatclub has become my own personal brand of cocaine" making me go back to it and addicted to it! To add to this I've joined too. "Dreamer, when will you learn...start working on your R2 apps you idiot!"There, that was my inner-self again. I think I should listen to her now.

Folks, am I the only one in this no-man's land or is anyone else with me? If yes shout out loud, it will probably make me feel less insane!


  1. Thank God I am not alone :)... there are more nuts like me around... even I am standing at no-man's land and just couldn't resist opening gmail and checking gmatclub forum every now and then... just can't concentrate on R2.

  2. lol, we all go through this I believe. I wasn't focused at all during the past two weeks, thank godness it's over. Just try to do more for R2 if you can, that's the part that will pay off, right? :)