Friday, January 15, 2010

Kellogg, Ross and NYU

As promised here I am posting as soon as I checked my Ross admit decision.

Sometime late afternoon yesterday(Jan 14th) I realized that I've not been accepted to Ross. Had I been accepted, I would've gotten my admit call already. But as the evening approached, with every passing minute not only did I get more nervous but also became more and more convinced that I had a good interview and a good application. So why did I not get in? I don't know, I'm going to think about that for the whole weekend coz people, I've been waitlisted ! :)
Frankly I'm thrilled to be on Ross' waitlist. I've been in love with the school since the past 5-6 months. And it's consoling to know that my courtship with Ross hasn't yet ended and there is still a chance of tying the knot!

As for the other schools, NYU gave me a no-no last week. I was particularly disappointed with that result because I wrote good essays for Stern. I would be interested in taking their feedback. Anyone know if Stern offers feedback for rejected candidates? Even if they don't normally do I'll try a hand at getting it.

So with 2 down and 1 hanging in mid-air today I submitted Kellogg for R2. I loved writing Kellog's essays, especially essay 3. I would like to take a moment and thank dreamchaser and rocky for their advice and feedback on my Kellogg essays. What would I do without the league of MBA'12 applicant bloggers?
Also a shout out to O'Neill (Kellogg '11) for his highly informative blog-posts about Kellogg!


  1. hang in there girl! Hopefully you get off that Ross waitlist soon! :) I am glad to help, best of luck with Kellogg!

  2. Hey ..all da best ...hope that you convert Ross...and i am sure u will pull off K...

  3. Hey - sorry to hear about Ross. Do they let you send additional updates/recommendations etc - might be worth checking.

    Good luck with Kellogg!

  4. Thanks Braveheart and mbanear..

    @mbanea.. - they do ask for any recent achievements or additional updates and the best part abt. Ross is, they have this googlegroup created (initiated by Ross ad-com) where I can chat with others like me. It's been helpful so far.

  5. Hey Dreamer, Wishing you luck in converting that waitlisted status to accepted!

    There's an upcoming chat with Linda Abraham ( president) called "The Keys from Moving from the Wait List to the Accepted List" that may be helpful for you. It's on Jan. 28 at 1pm EST in the chatroom. (

    You may also want to check out an excellent ebook on the subject:

    Good luck! We're rooting for you!

  6. Thanks Sarah. I'll definitely attend the chat on Jan 28th. Also I'm planning to attend the chat for Ross' waitlisted cadidates with Ross admission's reps on Jan 21st?

  7. Thanks for the kind words, and sorry to hear about the Ross waitlist.

    Good Luck w/ Kellogg!