Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy .... am I?

I'm in!
I got a call today!
So many of my friends have been sayin this lately.
I cannot tell how great it feels just to vicariously experience the above! I'm so happy to see a lot of folks on my favourite forum gmat club get into their choice of business schools. There are few guys and gals over there who have been getting into their favourite schools after 2-3 complete years of preparation. It's such an amazing feeling to see them screaming out their happy news!!

For long I've been hopeful that I would be in similar situation; that I would one day receive a phone call that would simply change my world for the best. But it doesn't seem to happen anytime soon. After almost 14 months of my sincere efforts I haven't been able to say "I've received an admit!". I'm slowly losing the hope. My single source of light is an application I'm working on forW.P.Carey School of business. My essays are good, I think. I've had the opportunity to connect with alumni and students of the schools. And I think I've made a good impression on the ad-com already, through my interactions with them on their on-line admissions webinar and e-mails etc. Hoping for the best.


  1. Wow congratulations! So Ross it is eh?!!

  2. LOL - u guys haven't really understood my post, have you? I was venting out my frustration in a not so obvious way :)

  3. Do you know who else is in the same situation? :D

  4. I am sorry girl, but hang in there with the waitlists, you never know! Also, look at the bright side. I am sure you've learned a lot since this application cycle, and if you do have to do it again, you will do even a better job! Just look at all those folks who got in through re-application. I know it sounds very daunting at this point (I can't imagine myself going through this again for example...), but you will conquer it! email me if you want to chat or vent :)

  5. It will happen when it's meant to happen. Learn the lessons, develop insights and you dont fail until you give up. So, hang on.