Monday, July 20, 2009

PPI - The standardised reco!

The latest into the list of standradised tests / application procedures for admission into graduate schools is the personal potential index(PPI) from ETS , the body managing the GRE. Read article here

ETS has come out with this standardised management tool for recommendations a student needs to file in his grad schools application. Apparently this tool helps measure the qualities that a grad school seeks from a potential student by asking the reccomendors various questions.

As of now I don't know how long a PPI taken at a given time is valid.ETS hopes that PPI will become as standardised and prevalant as the GRE and GMAT by 2010 spring at the earliest.

One doubt I have about the effectiveness of PPI is how a reco taken 3 years ago is reflective of the students current abilities, I personally feel that the recos should be customised accroding to the various grad school applications.We'll have to wait and see if PPI really helps the process of recomendations.

Meanwhile the acceptance of GRE scores for GMAT admissions is killing me whenever I think about my killer GRE score of college days....which currently has expired :)!!!

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