Thursday, July 23, 2009

What have I decided on?

Well...this is it!5 more weeks to go for me.......My decision to finish up my re-take of the Big G bye end of August,I hope, is sound. This will definitely give me a decent amount of time to spend on my apps.Meanwhile I have started narrowing down on the colleges..yeah I know, few of you have come up with the list looong back :)...One thing,for sure, is decided...I wanna apply to colleges that have a good reputation in teaching Marketing and Business Strategy.I've decided to specialise in these for various fact I have not decided looking at my options, but have come to the conclusion based on asking myself this one simple question "What would I love doing?",coz I strongly believe that one only excels at doing something one loves...

Also,reading the latest blogs of students starting their MBA journey this year has been a source of inspiration.
I hope to be at this place next year :)

It's strange that I found myself to be the only conspicuous female on this journey this year.....hmmm wonder why no other females make much noise! :P


  1. Shortlisted any colleges?? or still researching?? and when are you planning to re-take the GMAT?? i can see that you re good on verbal ..just need to polish your quant and you will beat the hell out of GMAT :)..

  2. Thanks for the advice :)
    My previous G Day was one of those days which wasn't My Day.....I'll write about the whole experience someday...keep visiting !

  3. Sure..i will keep an eye on your blog :). Hope we can help each other with GMAT prep and App process..
    all da best!