Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Manhattan practice test experience

My husband was sweet to get me all these free practice tests - Kaplan , Manhattan , Veritas Prep etc.
With less than 2 weeks to go , I've started taking CBT practice GMATs last night.
The first test I took was Manhattan GMAT. They have a pretty nice setup of mock-GMATs out there. The questions were not to easy. I would say they meet Kaplan tests when it comes to difficulty. I have not had any personal feedback abt the Manhattan tests.
My experience - Finished the 2 essays quite comfortaly , before the clock struck 0:00. Quant went bad ! Half way through it , I realise I'm left with less time per question than my normal comfort level. That gave me jitters. To add to that suddenly the test website wentdown.Luckily when I logged back in the night my session was saved (Kudos to Manhattan site!). But I wouldn't blame for thus technical glitch for my porr performance , as my review disclosed that I went wrong right in the first 7 questions :( - this was the last thing I expected to happen with my Quant.
Same thing happened with Verbal. Got a few wrong questions in the first 10. I feel that my mind was not set into the whole test - my bad!
Overall performance - 620 (Shocking !!!)

My plan is to review all the wrong answers and see my weak links , get them geared up and take the next test - the Kaplan free test on their website.
Also I've registered to the free practice Kaplan test near my place of residence. I'm gonna take this 2 days before my actual exam.....So I hope it will give my some confidence or who knows !! Alls well that ends well and time will tell :)


P.S. Post written on June 3rd but will be published after my GMAT

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