Saturday, June 6, 2009

Progress with practice tests

Two continuus days of testing can be tiring! And encouraging , if you see progressing scores :)
As mentioned in my last post, I took the Manhanttan GMAT and got bugged to see a 620. I went back read some notes on Quant , made myself a neatly jolted study schedule for the last 14 days before the big G Date and took a Kaplan test. Unfortunatley the results of the Kaplan test were not encouraging either. I scored a 640.

Scoring in the low 600s scared me off. But I did remember few of my B-School friends mentioning that Kanplan and MGMAT tests are not to be taken too seriously, this is because their relative difficulty range is much higher than the actual GMAT....and I beleive it owing my own GRE experience with Kaplan prep material. So following my friend's suggestion (she recently graduated from Kenan Flagler , her GMAT was 740 - so obvisously she is a trust worthy soucre of advice :))I purchased the tests. They cost pretty reasonable actually (5 tests for < 25 $ = <1300 INR). So I gave myself a little rest after a browse through of SC notes on and took the test today afternoon....and my delight :D I scored a 720(Q46,V42). I'm hoping to improve this mark though, especially the score on Quant section. I hope I can keep up the prep pace and stay in this 700 region...

Rest follows..

P.S - Post originally written on June 6 , '09

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