Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Daily energy dose for an MBA applicant

How many of you have become obsessed with the whole internet MBA applicant resources such as gmatclub, totalgadha, clearadmit wiki etc etc? I have ! And I think it's absolutely worth it.

Reading the wonderful inspiring stories of so many seemingly ordinary , but actually extra-ordinary folks has been a good way to learn marketing myself....and by marketing I don't mean selling non-existing stuff about myself.I'm strictly against that. For me flabergasting my life history is a strict non-no. That said, it is easy for someone to think 'I'm an Indian IT Female, probably one amongst so many!!'. But think again! At the end of the day , when you have come so far , cracking GMAT, spending countless hours researching about MBA, gathering courage to introspect your life so far and accept your weaknesses, there is bound to be a force driving you and you are already special! One such example is this great Indian Techie story I read on the gmatclub forum.

Think again, you might not be so ordinary after all!

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