Saturday, October 3, 2009

Duke's warm gesture to applicants

I opened my inbox today and one e-mail titled "A message from The Duke MBA " immediately caught my attention. The mail is below:

A Special Offer from The Duke MBA
Clearly, the world is facing many economic challenges today. At The Duke MBA, we recognize that the MBA application process is an investment of time and money, which can both be in short supply in times like these. We feel strongly that visiting with Duke admissions officers, students, and alumni in person is incredibly helpful in understanding the Team Fuqua culture, and we also understand that traveling to our campus can be difficult. To help alleviate some of the financial stress you may be facing, we are pleased to announce the following Duke MBA Application Fee Reduction Program.
Individuals who schedule a campus visit through our online scheduling tool and come to Durham or who register for and attend a Duke MBA information session or coffee chat at one of our worldwide locations will be able to submit an application for the 2009 – 2010 application year for only $50, instead of the usual $200 fee. In this way, we are able to cover our administrative expenses while minimizing the impact on our applicants.
Please visit our Web site for a complete listing of upcoming information sessions and coffee chats, or access our online scheduling tool to craft your own campus visit (with or without interview) and plan to visit us. We will look forward to seeing you!

Truly Duke is standing up to its global MBA repute. I'm glad at least one B-School has recognized the real value of 200$ for applicats in short of monetary sources,like me.

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  1. yes it was a good move but it really didn't help international students because most of them wouldn't attend the live information sessions.

    Besides, it again becomes very selective to get recommended by a current student / alumni provided that you know someone and he/she worked with you professionally.